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More Side-by-side mitts! These were finished ages ago… looking back, I see they were already done when I posted about the first pair I made. It just took me two months to put them on my husband so I could feed the blog a few photos. I’m glad to say I didn’t delay as long after that in putting them in the mail. Merry Christmas, Dad! My husband still covets these, though he did recently find one of the missing gloves I made him in 2009. (I was reminded how much I liked those gloves. They really came out well. I hate knitting fingers, even if they’re only an inch long. But I do love my man. And that heathered Rauma Finullgarn was delish.) So now he’s on probation to see how long he can go without losing a glove again. I haven’t decided how many months or years he has to hold on to the pair he’s got to convince me it’s worth my replacing them when one does eventually escape into the wild. But now that I know I can bust out a pair of Side-by-sides in a pair of evenings, I’m more likely to be lenient.

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