Pascaline is now available for purchase in my Ravelry store—just follow the link here or in the sidebar. This simple but innovative wrap has an unusual sideways construction with short rows to shape the middle, producing a form reminiscent of birds’ wings. It’s edged with a small cable for subtle detail. You can work it in any yarn you like; directions are given for bulky, worsted, and laceweight gauges, and the pattern is easily hacked for sizes in between. I’ve knit it twice, once in Cascade Cloud and once in Woolfolk FAR (the umber version shown here). Julia Palmer worked up this lavender grey laceweight sample in Quince and Co. Piper.


Pascaline is pretty versatile. Each wing is 30″ long, so you can toss one or both ends over your shoulders or leave them to hang in front. Portland is currently too hot to contemplate any form of wool (excepting my Tour de France project; more on that soon—if the peloton can blast up the Pyrenees in searing heat then I can certainly suffer a sweater in my lap as I cheer them on!), but I wore both versions in Friday Harbor where the evenings were cooler. And I’d have loved to have the Woolfolk version in my suitcase for the trip we just made to the Bitterroot Mountains, I can tell you. I’m still planning a linen version in Quince and Co. Kestrel for summer wear, too. All that stockinet makes Pascaline a perfect low-attention project for movie nights and social knitting. Here are some more photos, all taken by my dad, Christopher Pope:





The laceweight version is not too large for an almost-five-year-old, either! As you can see, both kids were eager to participate in the photo shoot even though (especially because?) it was bedtime…