One of my goals for this summer is to make some strides as a seamstress. I’ve been practicing on my kids, turning out tiny trousers for both of them (love: Made by Rae Big Butt Baby Pants and Lotta Jansdotter’s absurdly simple but perfect baby pants from Simple Sewing for Baby) and a little hooded jacket for Jolyon. But moving up to garments for me, garments with actual shaping, feels like moving up to varsity. Woven fabric ┬áis so much less forgiving than knit fabric. But there’s only one way to get better. So I’m starting with the Wiksten Tova Top. Umpteen squillion people have made this blouse and an image search reveals that most of them look pretty great. I think the pattern is a good level of challenge for me right now. I’m going to take a stab at it in a voile, a lighter fabric than the quilting cotton I’ve mostly sewn with; if that turns out okay I’ll be ready to take the plunge and cut into the precious Liberty lawn to which I treated myself last summer. Any other quasi-beginners want to join me in a sew-along? Any seasoned pros want to offer words of wisdom?