Hello to new folks arriving here as they work through the Quince & Co. Wildcraft wrap and Novae hat and mittens! First, a word of apology. These patterns were commissioned by and created in consultation with a creative team that’s left Quince & Co., and I didn’t receive advance notice from the new employees that the Quince Quarterly boxes were shipping. I haven’t been on Ravelry more than once a week and didn’t see that people were finding errors and asking questions until this morning. I take knitter support seriously and want to be available for fast replies any time you need help with one of my patterns. So I’m really sorry this release snuck up on me and I wasn’t there for you right away. Quince has issued errata for the Wildcraft pattern to correct a mistake in the chart symbol key and in the transition row from the brioche edge to the lace panels. You should have received an updated digital file in your Ravelry library, but if you’re not on Ravelry you can also find the errata here:  https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0559/2913/files/wildcraft_errata.pdf?v=1610545484

Please see my Tutorials tab in the top banner if you’d like to watch some videos that might help with the fiddly bits of the brioche bract motif in the Wildcraft wrap.

I also want to state publicly that I believe and respect former Quince employees who have called the company to account for racist and exploitative behaviors. I have the highest admiration for Leila Raven as a creative force and as a human, and her coaching led these designs out of the wilderness when I wasn’t feeling any inspiration to knit pretty things during the Black Lives Matter uprising of last spring and summer. I encourage you all to seek out her independent designs; she’s got some drop-everything projects in the works. All my future design collaborations will be with individual fiber folk or companies I’m sure are working for justice and equity in our craft community.