This little sock pattern is so easy and so fast that I was sure I’d have a completed pair to photograph and a pattern to release by the end of the month. Seriously, I’d look down and another inch of fabric would have flown off the needles. It’s so easy that I barely needed to look at the chart. It’s so fast that I accidentally knit an extra half a repetition of a 37-row chart without realizing it. Whoops! Lesson learned… or not. La la la, it’s so easy that I barely need to look at the chart! Crikey, I blew right past the start of the toe motif. Rrrrrip. But still, this chart is super obvious and I totally know what I’m doing. And it’s so inconvenient to look at a chart when you’re trying to watch Sherlock. Dadgummit, messed up the toe shaping. Rrrip. Gah! It happened again! Is there something wrong with this pattern? There is! There must be! Oh, no, there isn’t—I just failed to knit that plain row clearly indicated at the top of a chart I made all by myself. Failed on every one of three attempts.

Andamento_progress (1 of 1)

You see above a completed sock. I won in the end. But let us take from my misadventures this useful lesson: victory sometimes belongs to the modest who don’t assume they’re cleverer than the sock. It really is a fast and easy pattern. But it is not, apparently, foolproof. The sock will have the last laugh if you don’t respect it and knit with sense.