Good for a grin



Publications from the UK take a while to mosey over to our shores, if they saunter this way at all. So it’s pure good fortune that a favorite cafe of mine—Oui Presse on Hawthorne—stocks a variety of interesting and hard-to-come-by magazines. Among them is The Knitter, and I was tickled to find Issue 68 and flip through to find the above. Their editorial staff contacted me at the turn of the year to request a high-res photo of Winter Garden, so I was aware it would be in their pages, but DUDES! I can’t imagine it ever gets old seeing your work cozied up to Martin Storey’s. Or Spilly Jane’s, or Alex Tinsley’s. That’s some mighty good company.

On board

Thank you from deep in my heart to everyone who’s responded to the last post with encouragement and wisdom. I am feeling so much more hopeful just reading your words, and more helpful, too, with your concrete suggestions for supporting my friends down this tough road.

Meanwhile, it feels good to take some action. Bristol Ivy is up to something, something in which I instantly felt I should join her. She’s been quite eloquent on the subject of the Sochi Games and human rights, so please do click over and read her post. I love her sentiments about kindness as a form of subversion and rebellion. And I love that she’s inspiring knitting designers to follow her lead in donating pattern earnings to equal rights causes during the Games. To do my bit, I’ll be tallying up all sales of Winter Garden through the end of the Olympics and donating that amount plus a matching sum I’ll kick in myself. I’m still doing my research to decide where the money will go, as there is so much good work being done by so many different groups. I’ll let you know.

UPDATE: I’ve just donated $260 to the Human Rights Campaign Foundation. Thanks so much to everyone who bought the pattern during the Olympics. It feels great to be part of something positive.